Featuring the “Heathers” and “Beetlejuice” star, Winona Ryder, in the new Netflix series, Stranger Things, has been the show that viewers across the globe are binge watching. From YouTube to Twitter to Facebook, people cannot stop talking about the eerily addicting show.

Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce Brown, is a working mom in Small Town, Indiana in 1983. When Will, her 12-year-old son, goes missing, she joins up with along with local authorities and Will’s young friends embark on an investigation to find the boy. As they search for Will, they unveil mysteries of the town, including government experiments, supernatural forces, and a creepy little girl named Eleven.

Inspired by the time that science fiction swept the nation, Stranger Things has a vintage feel while still providing viewers with the complexity of today’s television. Exciting and heart wrenching, the show keeps viewers guessing and questioning from start to finish. The show uses various aspects of the plot to hide the deeper and darker underlying themes, while still bringing the fears of the Reagan-era generation to the forefront.

Ryder’s performance as Joyce takes the clichéd archetype of the worried, working mother and transforms it into a compelling and complex character. Handling the supernatural scenes with grace and ease, Ryder takes what could easily be a ridiculously overdone scene and turns it into something scary.

The overall cast of Stranger Things is great. Millie Brown is amazing in her ominous character Eleven. The other young cast members fit perfectly together in the show, captivating Netflix audiences world wide.