Are you ready to get in the Halloween spirit and just cannot wait for Freeform’s “13 Nights of Halloween” to watch Halloween movies? Well, you are in luck. Netflix has a wide variety of shows and movies to fill your Halloween needs. They even have a category just for Halloween favorites!

If you are looking for a movie to watch with the kids, or if you don’t like scary movies, Netflix has a wide array of family Halloween movies. From the classics such as “The Addams Family” and R.L. Stein’s “Goosebumps” series, to movies as contemporary as “Hotel Transylvania 2,” Netflix is stocked with movies that the whole family will enjoy.

And finally, if you just don’t feel like sleeping for the rest of the month, Netflix has some horror movies to really get you in the spirit. Whether you are looking for gory, jump scares, supernatural, or exorcism movies, Netflix has them all, with some of the best being “The Amityville Horror,” “The Taking of Deborah Logan,” and “The Uninvited.”

So, no matter what kind of show or movie you are looking for to get you in the Halloween spirit, Netflix will have it. From scary shows, to family films, to horror, Netflix has you covered for any Halloween movie marathon in your future.