We’re always looking out for your next binge-worthy Netflix shows, but this week we thought we’d highlight a not- so-new gem on Netflix. Sooth your post- Halloween sadness with all 11 seasons of “Criminal Minds” on Netflix.

If you’ve never seen this riveting TV drama, now is a good time to start. “Criminal Minds” takes everything a step above most crime shows as it follows not only a group of FBI profilers (who are really cool, by the way) but it also gives you glimpses into the killer’s mind without revealing everything about them. If you’ve ever wanted a job in the FBI, “Criminal Minds” will convince you to try to become an FBI profiler.

The team takes little details about the murders and signatures and builds a surprisingly accurate profile of the killer they’re looking for. Watch a couple of episodes and you’ll pick up on some of the patters. For example, women tend to kidnap infants and men tend to kidnap children.

The other great thing about “Criminal Minds” is the team. We are convinced you’ll fall in love with them too. Hotch is in charge and has this really alluring face that shows zero emotion, which comes in handy because he has to always keep his calm. JJ is a beautiful blond who throws all female stereotypes out the window with her kickass field skills and intelligence. Derek Morgan is the ultimate tough guy with a sensitive side, and Reid is the most beloved nerd of all time. There are plenty of other characters you’ll fall in love with as well—those few are just the tip of the iceberg.

Essentially, “Criminal Minds” is a show that could take entire days of your life away if you’re not careful, so watch with caution.