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Mickey’s Sliders


Whoever said that good things come in small packages might have visited the newly opened Mickey’s Sliders. Opening a little over a week ago, Mickey’s is taking an artisanal approach to hamburgers and doing it well. Mickey’s is the brainchild of former Chef Tai food truck chef, Miller Hardin, and local businessman, Mickey Wood. These two, combined with executive chef Jose Munoz, have created an impressive list of not-your-average hamburger combinations.

Mickey’s offers a total of nine different sliders ranging from the usual cheeseburger with ketchup and pickles to a completely vegetarian slider made from chopped portabello mushrooms topped with spinach, olive tapenade, and a balsamic reduction. We anticipated slices of portabellos or a chunk of the portabello itself to form the “meat” of the veggie slider, but we’re surprised to find the mushrooms chopped and in patty form. When I shared this with Miller, he told us, “That’s what we expected you to expect.” Other options include pulled pork, ground turkey sloppy Joe, and our personal favorite, the Italian—a homemade meatball with marinara and cheese.

You might be surprised to discover the best part of Mickey’s Sliders may in fact not even be a slider. They have a venison chili that is absolutely killer. Hearty portions of ground venison meat with a seasoned chile gravy is the best possible topping for their hand-cut fries. And by hand-cut we don’t mean pushed through a potato slicer, we mean sliced by knife, as you can see the irregularity in their size.

Mickey_176Fried portabello strips and fried pickles are a different take on the usual fried appetizers. The fried pickles are actually more akin to the “stacker” sliced  pickles, sliced long and thin, running longways, instead of the pickle chips or spears you usually see. One unusual and probably unfamiliar item on their sides list is the potato fritters; trust us, you want to order them. Their venison chili is magically placed in the middle of mashed potatoes, deep-fried, covered in queso, and then served with a side of cilantro cream sauce. Holy moly, they are good.

An interesting fact, Miller told us, is that Mickey’s doesn’t have a freezer. So everything at Mickey’s, with the exception of the buns, are made in-house and fresh every day. However, the bite-size buns are made fresh daily specially for Mickey’s. Also, their bacon-infused ketchup is definitely made from scratch and doesn’t resemble bottled ketchup in any way. Instead, you can expect chunky tomato sauce with more than eight pounds of real bacon bits cooked into it. The black pepper truffle mayonnaise is a not-to-miss sauce, too. The truffle flavor is pronounced and makes an awesome addition to their  sliders.

Mickey’s has big plans for the future. Appearing soon will be a “Game Changer” that will feature exotic game sliders, which will rotate every two weeks. A few of their planned options are alligator, buffalo, lamb, duck, and…wait for it…shark. There was also a hint of a potential Thanksgiving turkey slider, which we anxiously await.

Expect Mickey’s to fulfill your burger cravings any time of the day. Currently open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, Mickey’s will also be serving brunch soon. You’ll soon be able to order a chicken and waffle slider or a crab cake slider in the morning.

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