Dissected. Sold. Discarded.

Every year, millions of people are exhausted of their every resource, all because of their religious beliefs and the unfair rejection they face from China’s Communist regime. From their corneas to their livers and kidneys, these captured and imprisoned Falun Gong prisoners have their organs harvested, all while they are still breathing. Dr. Zhiyuan Wang tells us their stories in his new film “Harvested Alive.” After ten years of intensive investigation and research, with 95% of the evidence in the film coming directly from China itself, Dr. Wang came to the startling realization that, since the early 2000s, Falun Gong believers have been seized by the Chinese government and used for forced organ harvesting. Falun Gong is a Chinese spiritual practice that combines elements of Buddhism and Taoism, and believers have been persecuted by the Chinese government since 1999.

Dr. Wang had a 30-year career in aviation medicine, but it wasn’t until March 9, 2006, when he was watching TV, that his life’s purpose forever became abundantly clear. After watching a report over the supposed organ harvesting, Wang set out to investigate the persecution of  Falun Gong believers. He had to figure out the truth, even if revealing everything was seemingly inconceivable.  

Upon investigation, it was discovered that certain hospitals operated as part of a chain, connecting the government and police department to the prisoners. Within the past six years alone, the annual liver transplants in China have increased thirty fold. Falun Gong practitioners’ organs are inhumanely harvested, and then these citizens are thrown into the incinerators that are located in most Chinese hospital boiler rooms. Discarded like trash, not a trace of their identity is left to be buried or mourned.

All Bryan-College Station residents, community leaders, medical professionals, professors or students, are urged to attend this free documentary screening and participate in an open discussion following the film with the film’s award-winning director Jun Li. Open your mind, let the mist of ignorance and naivety fade, and come learn about the reality of exploitation facing millions.

“We are calling all kind-hearted people to attend this event to learn the facts about this 18-plus years of horrific crime against humanity and what we can do to help end it,” stated Jadelin Nguyen, a Biomedical Engineering student at TAMU.

Please join us on Thursday Sept. 28th  at 7 p.m., in Rudder Tower 301, in respect and remembrance of those fallen to this unjust massacre.