This week will bring another award-winning Texas artist to Aggieland, inviting fans from all over the state. Austin resident Grace Pettis will be performing at The Cavalry Court Hotel in College Station on Saturday, February 25 as part of her ongoing 2017 tour, followed by concerts in Austin, Florida and Maryland. She is currently touring with two other artists, Sarah Clanton and singer-songwriter India Ramey.

Pettis is originally from Lookout Mountain, Alabama, and comes from a family of musicians, including her two brothers and father who wrote Garth Brooks’ “You Love Me.” She is known for her definite voice that sets her apart from her family and she is renowned for her country, Americana, and folk stylings and has already won numerous awards and contests.

She tours with bassist Kurt Rivet, guitarist Calloway Ritch and drummer Ryan Neubauer. She has released two albums, “Grace Pettis” in 2009 and “Two Birds” in 2012, with a third due for release in 2017. Furthermore, she has performed at various locations around the country with positive reviews all around.

According to her website, Dallas Morning News called her “One of the most talented young singer-songwriters in America.” In addition, several songwriting awards and reviews have been testaments to her being raised as a musician. Her confident and graceful voice sets her apart from other new-school folk-rock artists.

The concert begins at 9pm at the hotel on University Dr. and is free of charge. So take a break from modern country and check out an up-and-coming Americana-folk artist already creating sensation. RSVP through her website or through and arrive early to find parking, grab a drink and listen to her trio and opening acts.