After our first trip to Farmhouse Creamery, we realized this place could be a very permanent staple in Aggieland. The new ice cream shop opened while we were out for the summer, but has quickly picked up a big following. That hype is very well-deserved because this ice cream is delicious and completely worth the wait. They appeal to a variety of dessert lovers, offering premium flavors ranging from Superman which is multicolor vanilla to Carrot cake that includes fresh walnuts and cream cheese frosting. Farmhouse Creamery doesn’t stop at cones, they also have shakes, smoothies, and floats. Open everyday from 12pm to 10pm, you can find a plethora of choices that even reach the gluten-free and yogurt lovers. After many taste tests, we decided “Garbage Can,” vanilla ice cream with chunks of 7 candy bars, is the true winner and a must-have. Not only is the menu satisfying, but the environment is fantastic. This is the place for your next date or study break!