Universally, college students are known for being two things: stressed out and broke. With midterms coming up and Halloween right around the corner, a party is certainly in order to help de-stress.  
Here are some tips on how to throw a Halloween party on a college student budget.  


  • There is no need to get super fancy. Stick with the basic colors like orange, black, purple, and lime green. Everything that you could need from plates to table clothes can likely be found at your local Dollar Store or Walmart.
  • Get creative and make things yourself. Pinterest is full of fun do-it-yourself ideas for some spooky decorations. For example, an empty water or milk jug can be used for just about anything. Draw faces on them for a jack-o-lantern effect or fill them with water and a glow stick for some extra light.




  • Amazon is currently selling silicon molds for $6 in all sorts of fun Halloween themed shapes that would be perfect for cookies, ice cubes, Jell-o, and much more.  They are a cheap and easy way to get into the Halloween spirit.
  • Potluck! Have each guest bring a Halloween themed treat for the party. There can even be a prize for the most creative snack brought to the party.
  • Keep it simple, but fun. Games like ghost bowling are easy. Just pile up some toilet paper rolls and draw a ghost face on each one. Then use a pumpkin to bowl! Costume contests are always a hit and Freeform (aka old ABC Family) will soon be starting 13 Days of Halloween so there are movies galore to be watched.


Source: Living off Love and Coffee, Blog