Surely college students understand the dilemma of planning dates restricted by a tight budget. Here are some ideas that may help out and inexpensively help a couple bond in a relationship.

  1. Food and Drinks

There are numerous bars and cafes around town that will yield a receipt just a little shy of $20. However, this idea requires more talking and less drinking!

  1. Movies

Though most theaters aren’t as inexpensive as those in College Station and Bryan, movies are still an option that requires limited indulgence in popcorn.

  1. Bowling

Two pairs of bowling shoes and a one-hour time slot is a reasonably priced date option that’s both fun and helps a couple connect. Competitiveness may cost you, though!

  1. Picnic

This idea is more of a DIY date that traditionally well received. Soak up some Vitamin-C along with Vitamin-“She” and treat with sandwiches in the park.

  1. Poolside Hangout

Most apartment complexes have a pool and as spring approaches, and if the weather cooperates, a few hours by the water are a simple and relaxing option. So flaunt your swimsuit wardrobe and take a day off, close to home.

  1. Volunteer Together

This one is for the philanthropic couples out there that share satisfaction by spreading joy. There is always a need for youth volunteers and the time shared together can make for a rewarding date.

  1. Arcade Night

A night out at Chuck-E-Cheese’s or Dave and Buster’s will bring out the child in both partners. Dates that follow might even be more relaxed and less awkward in the beginning of a relationship.

  1. Karaoke Night

A karaoke night date either reveals either an American Idol or “sing-in-the-shower” personality, both of which are appreciated for an enjoyable night.