Over the past two centuries, the open countryside of the American West has evolved from “old” to “new.” The majority of us imagine the Old West based on western movies that take place in open plains, often with a storyline concentrated on the life of a nomadic cowboy. Well, what about the New West?

Filmmaker Bud Force and photographer John Langmore introduce a different angle of the West with their motion picture, “Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait” which focuses on the lives of modern day cowboys.

Bud Force is a director and cinematographer based in Austin, Texas. Force graduated from Texas A&M University and expanded his photography skills through directing and producing commercials, brand films and mini documentaries. He is a founder and partner of Ultralite Films, a script to screen video production company that creates multimedia projects.

Ultralite Films is an award-winning production company that creates brand films, commercials, documentaries and authentic stories for businesses, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations and good people in general. The company aims to produce each product with an emotional element to inspire audiences.

Their latest film, “Cowboys,” is a documentary film that is centered on the lives of the men and women who live and work on America’s largest cattle ranches. The documentary takes place in the remote acres that stretch from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

“Cowboys” observes the challenges that modern day American cowboys face, while documenting the experience from a first-person account. This film uniquely captures the reality of a cowboy working to provide the world’s supply of beef.

Former farmer John Langmore will be exhibiting his photography alongside the film. Langmore will be revealing his current project, to which he has dedicated five years of concentration. His photographs document the realistic life of a working cowboy, and Langmore will be sharing his own personal experiences and thoughts of his past as a cowboy.

Bud Force and John Langmore will be visiting the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum on Thursday, September 21 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., as they discuss the making of their film, which is expected to release in 2018.