Last weekend in the Lowe’s parking lot, I was able to fully vaccinate and protect my cat, Stella, for less than $50. Talk about a deal!

Chasing Tails is a mobile veterinary clinic that has been serving pets in the BCS area for a few years now.

Families, college students and kids can all benefit from this awesome discounted service, which is being offered twice monthly. Helping to raise awareness and keep your pets safe, Chasing Tails is dedicated to both your and your pet’s needs.  

The customer service was great, and they even had big bowls full of fresh water lining their sectioned-off portion of the parking lot to the waiting dogs from getting dehydrated and uncomfortable.

The staff cleverly thought to provide the option to pre-register online, which makes the already efficient process all that more seamless. However, don’t fret if you forgot to register beforehand. While you’re waiting in line, a vet technician with a laptop will make her rounds and register you and your furry baby.

You will see a bunch of friendly faces in scrubs. The staff is extremely patient and kind, and they are very knowledgeable and patient with all of the questions asked regarding the necessary shots and vaccinations. They also give little science lessons over the dangers of heartworms, rabies and other common communicable diseases, so that pet owners are able to get their animals the protection they need.

While getting my fluffy kitty weighed and her temp taken, I was able to talk with the friendly vet technician who was handling Stella.

“Chasing tails holds these clinics to provide the community with low cost alternatives, so that everyone can afford to keep their pet safe,” Amanda Eickery said. “We do this in hopes to reach out to the community, interact with potential clients, and get our name and brand out there.”

Since Stella was even nervous around all the dogs, Amanda kindly offered to keep her kennel up on their registration table, to make her more comfortable and less scared. Talk about customer service.

Neither rain nor shine will stop these animal loving ladies (and lad) from getting your pet the care it needs!

Chasing Tails is here to offer vaccinations at extremely affordable prices. These clinics take place twice a month throughout the Bryan/College Station area.

During this visit, a professional and fully licensed veterinarian will examine either your dog or cat from wet nose to wagging tail, to comprehensively take in their health and determine if they are fit enough to receive vaccinations. This is exam is provided free of charge, with their temps and weights being taken as well!

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as cash or check.

Chasing Tails offers house call veterinary services in the BCS area. Their services include wellness exams, sick pet visits, and even At-Home euthanasia. Also remember to keep in mind that these House Calls are full service, as they include testing such as advanced diagnostics within bloodwork and x-rays.

They also offer pet sitting services, where fully-insured, top-notch individuals will care for your pet  in the comfort of your own home while you’re away.

This is a one of a kind companion animal veterinary service specifically serving this community.

Their philosophy, stated on their official website, outlines their goals: “Providing exceptionally high quality preventative veterinary care to the College Station Community at convenient locations and affordable prices.”

They have extensive resources on their website that include forms, client reviews, pricing, their blog, photos, and their online store with access to medicines, food, and more.