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Bakonyi Kronika

Best of BCS 2014


The results are in! This year, out of thousands upon thousands of votes—the highest number of votes ever recorded—there were some of the closest wins ever tallied. In fact, one business won first place by only 1 vote! Of course, we won’t tell you who that was; but we can tell you this: businesses that placed first, second, and third should be proud. Extremely proud. Best of BCS 2014 was a race to the finish line for everyone competing.

This year, Best of BCS categories expanded from 50 to 78, with many new businesses entering the poll. Everything from Best Fitness Studio, Best Sno Cones, and Best Shoe Store, to Best Realtor, Best Wine Bar, and even Best Local French Fries jockeyed for votes against other businesses in their category—businesses with equally adamant, loyal costumers.

We want to be the first to congratulate all of this year’s contenders, and we also want to thank readers for telling BCS, once again, who’s best.

Are you ready for the winners? Drum roll, please….


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Best of Nightlife

Best of Dining