Author: Tyler Lewis

Blacksmithing Demonstration at Steephollow Forgeworks

If you are an iron enthusiast who enjoys working with your hands, creating custom art pieces or a combination of the three, then “Steephollow Forgeworks’s 8th Annual Combo-Demo: Blacksmithing Demonstrating and Metal Arts Exhibition,” is calling your name. Steephollow Forgeworks is a family-owned business with over 80 years of in-shop experience in custom metal fabrication. Their production capabilities include working with commercial and residential clients in modern and traditional ways. Their family is trained in the blacksmith art of forging iron.  With numerous anvils, swage blocks, gas and coal forges, power hammers, hydraulic and fly presses they are able...

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Science Café at Revolution

Are you looking to dig deeper and increase your fascination with science? Are you ready to indulge in heavy scientific discussions led by professors that you know and love? Well, Revolution Café and Bar is hosting “Science Café – Reconstructing Historical Beers.” Science Cafés usually take place in pubs and coffeehouses, and are open to everyone. Each session features conversations with a scientist about a specific topic. They represent a grassroots movement and tend to vary from place to place worldwide. Science Cafés welcome people who may or may not typically be interested in scientific discussions. They are not...

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Reasons to be Pretty

Finding out that something unorthodox was said about you can be difficult, but what if that something was said by someone you love? You can watch this drama unfold at The Hourglass Theatre Company’s adaption of “Reasons to be Pretty” by Neil LaBute. The show is a contemporary comedy that explores a whirlwind of relationship issues, including betrayal and infidelity. The show follows the lives of Greg and his girlfriend Steph, but when Greg makes a seemingly harmless comment about Steph’s appearance, the information gets back to Steph and sends their relationship over the deep end. Greg’s life spirals...

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Spp Review: Weav Run

If you’re looking to have a little more motivation during your morning or afternoon runs, or if you want work on speed or distance, the Weav Run app has you covered. Weav Run is a mobile app that adapts songs, so that every time your foot hits the ground the beat is synchronized to your every step. Due to its motion-triggered technology, Weav Run has the ability to seamlessly change tempo between 100-240 steps per minute, without compromising the quality of the music. When getting started on Weav Run, try the “detect my tempo” setting to measure your running...

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Yoga at Market 1023

Whether you’re looking at getting into meditation, zen and other means of relaxation or just relieve a little stress, yoga at Market 1023 is the place for you. Market 1023 is a little shop located in the heart of Downtown Bryan that specializes in home decor, homemade goods, and vintage finds. Fortunately for you, they will be hosting their first yoga class…inside of the store. Julie Kircher, the instructor for class, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, and has been practicing yoga since 2014. “I was prompted to get into yoga for fitness and health reasons,”...

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