Author: Madison Caldwell

Blast from the Past! Grand Stafford Theater Hosts Monthly Cult Classic Films

Tired of the typical new Transformers action movie or fifty shades of whatever rom-com? Wishing you could just go back to the good ol’ days? Well go grab your parachute pants from the attic and head on over to downtown Bryan, because boy, are you in for a treat. The Grand Stafford Theater presents (drumroll, please): Cult Classic Night! The theater will be showing a featured movie of the audience’s choosing, filled with nostalgic fun, handpicked for you, and by you. Come on in, and cozy up in one of Bryan’s most prominent historical entertainment venues. This awesome theater...

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Messina Hof: Cooking w/ the Chef

Moms, call your sitters. College students, put down those books. And closet wine loving gents… come on out! Messina Hof wants to fulfill all of your fermented grape drinking needs. Messina Hof Winery is a family built legacy, whose history has spanned the past 40 years. This family owned business operates on good merit, morals, and tradition. With multiple activities such as grape stomping, vineyard touring and wine tasting, this unique winery provides a friendly and hospitable environment that has kept families coming back for decades. Alright my wine-o’s, grab your friends and appetite and head on over to...

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Album Review: Unpeeled by Cage the Elephant

Gather around, my new age hippies and garage rocker fans. Cage the Elephant has unleashed a new album that is unlike any other. “Unpeeled,” the band’s fifth album, was released in July by RCA Records. It is a perfect collaboration of old and new, as all of the tracks were recorded live and include percussion and a full string quartet. This rad album carries twenty-one tracks, with eighteen of them being curated songs from their previous albums. This live collection was recorded over a series of intimate shows played across the United States. From glamorous LA to rowdy Nashville...

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