Author: Madison Caldwell

Stylish Sabi: A Boutique for All

“Wear it. Flaunt it. Live it.” – Sabi motto From fashion to home décor, designer jewelry, and shoes, one can’t help but gawk in awe when walking into the Sabi Boutique. The store is a shop-a-holics daydream, with shoes, scarves, glitz and glam lining the walls from floor to ceiling. An inspiring bible verse inscribed on the store’s main wall, Proverbs 31:25, caught my eye upon my first entering. “She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” The rest of the walls are adorned with family photos and a custom-made wooden mural. Sabi...

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Harry Potter Inspired: Worthwich Wand Making Class

Calling every witch and wizard from lands high to low. Hop on your broom sticks and flock on over for a spooky October Sunday full of fantastical fun for everyone. From Purebloods, to Halfbloods, to full on Muggles, every beast and boy is welcome to join in! On the enchanting afternoon of October 1, a magical experience like no other is popping up, right here in Aggieland. Blackwater Draw Brewery will be hosting a Worthwich Wand Making Class for all those dreaming of Hogwarts. In this workshop, the history of wand lore will be taught. Your little magic wielders...

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Harvested Alive: The Ten Year Search For The Truth Behind Organ Harvesting

Dissected. Sold. Discarded. Every year, millions of people are exhausted of their every resource, all because of their religious beliefs and the unfair rejection they face from China’s Communist regime. From their corneas to their livers and kidneys, these captured and imprisoned Falun Gong prisoners have their organs harvested, all while they are still breathing. Dr. Zhiyuan Wang tells us their stories in his new film “Harvested Alive.” After ten years of intensive investigation and research, with 95% of the evidence in the film coming directly from China itself, Dr. Wang came to the startling realization that, since the...

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Texas Reds Festival in Downtown Bryan

Let us wine and dine you. Come and indulge your senses with some kick-ass food, great booze, and classic country tunes. From drafts to crafts, Texas Reds has it all. So join the residents of the BCS area as we celebrate two of Texas’ most prized “home grown” commodities: beef and wine. Down here in the South, we are known for our fine meat and delectable booze, so what better way is there to honor the importance of both than by combining these major industries, to create a festival unlike any other? This year marks the 11th year that...

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Pecha Kucha Night – Come Let Us Celebrate Your Successes

You know what sucks about being an adult? The answer is not having show and tell, of course! Not getting the opportunity for that extra pat on the back, or a gold star for striving to go above and beyond with your life work. The adult world is so focused on the faults of others, that rarely are our everyday projects and work related accomplishments appreciated or presented for others to enjoy. Throughout our years of schooling, we are encouraged to share and present our ideas with our classmates and peers. However, nowadays there are practically no settings, with...

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