Author: Luke Murray

Julia Lucille @ New Republic

Famous for their palate-pleasing local brews, New Republic Brewing Company has also done a stellar job of filling their tasting room with both local and out-of- town musicians coming up through the ranks. Knowing that good beer deserves good music, they are kicking off the season in 2017 with singer/songwriter Julia Lucille out of Austin, Texas. Even though she is residing and developing herself in the Austin music scene, the 29-year-old dream-folk/indie artist grew up in California before moving to Portland, Oregon for college. Currently focusing on spending a lot of time on the road, Lucille is touring across...

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Triple Threat: Meet the Team that is Taking Maroon Weekly to the Next Level

Since its inception in 2004, Maroon Weekly has been the go-to publication for community, commerce, and culture in the Bryan-College Station (BCS) area. Maroon Weekly began as a vision, a vision that founder Andrea Maynard saw as a need in this community for a publication that catered to students but was independent of Texas A&M. Turning a vision into a tangible product, Andrea launched Maroon Weekly in the style of an alt weekly publication that you might find in a larger metropolitan area; i.e. the Houston Press, Dallas Observer, and Austin Chronicle. Penning and printing an average of 30...

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Senior Scramble: Part 1

In today’s economy and workplace, you can never prepare yourself too much for the road ahead. Luckily, there are an abundance of workshops, pro-tips, and useful advice available to those who seek it. If you’ve been coasting for the past four or five years and woke up today, realizing that you’ve never even put together a résumé, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next several weeks, Maroon Weekly will be featuring a Senior Scramble column. We’re going to cover everything from university-available workshops to interviews with local business-owners who are willing to offer their input for the...

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Texas Country Superstar Cody Johnson released his newest album, “Gotta Be Me,” over the summer. Like each album before this one, “Gotta Be Me” in casting a shadow on its predecessors. If you were one of the hundreds of BCS residents to make it out to Wolf Pen Creek this past weekend, you’re well-aware of what CoJo is bringing to the table. We sat down with Cody to discuss the album, his expectations, and his plans for the future. MW: The last time we talked, the new album was still in production and you teased at the song list...

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Interview with Sam Riggs

MW: Let’s talk about the new album; “Breathless” released in in February – debuting at #3 on iTunes’ country chart behind Chris Stapleton and Sam Hunt, a big accomplishment for an indy artist from Texas. We’re big fans of tracks like “Gravity” and “Second Hand Smoke” that have a bold lyrical character; how much time and effort went into the songwriting for the record? SR: Well, the process of writing for the record was kind of pieced-together. There were songs that I already had done – like “One More Chance to Stay” – that didn’t make it onto “Outrun...

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