Author: Lexie Hudson

Spring Break: Camping Tips and Tricks

Skipping out the beach trip and opting to camp this spring break? Here’s our guide to staying a happy camper while roughing it in the woods with friends. Regardless if you’ve been camping or not, this tips and ideas should be a good place to start. Since Texas can’t make up it’s mind when it comes to the weather, pack for most or all seasons, because you don’t want to be roughing it the week that Texas decides to freeze over. To save space, pack things in plastic storage boxes–those big ones hiding in your garage can come in...

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Adulting 101

Taxes 101? If you don’t remember that being required in your prerequisites, it’s because it wasn’t. But face it, we’ve all got to adult some time and file our taxes. Kinda like a study guide for exams, we’ve come up with a tax guide for you. What’s your status… and no not your relationship status. Are you depending on your parents? Or are you i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t, do you know what that means? You may love that independent status, but the ideal situation for those who hold the role of “student” may be claiming yourself a dependent on your parent’s’ tax...

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Meet the Source: Exclusive Interview with Billy Liucci of TexAgs

If you are familiar with Aggie Athletics, chances are you have heard of One of the main personalities behind the web based empire is Billy Liucci. We sat down with Billy to find out how he got started with TexAgs, why people love to hate on him, and much much more. MW: How did you get started at TexAgs? BL: I was coming out of A&M, about to graduate. I wasn’t real excited about just jumping into the workforce. All of my roommates at the time were playing football at A&M and still had a year or two...

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Josh Abbott at Hurricane Harry’s

***Editor’s Note*** **JOSH ABBOTT BAND 2/17 SHOW CANCELLATION ANNOUNCEMENT** Unfortunately, The Josh Abbott Band Is Going To Have To Cancel Their Show This Friday, February 17th, At Hurricane Harry’s Due To A Family Health Emergency. Josh And The Band Apoligize For The Inconvenience And The Show Has Been Rescheduled For Tuesday May 2nd 2017. Please Keep Josh And His Family In Your Thoughts And Prayers. FOR TICKET VALIDATION FOR MAY 2nd & TICKET REFUND INFORMATION PLEASE SEE LINK BELOW-> ___________________________________ It’ll be a “Good Night for Dancing” on February 17 when Hurricane Harry’s hosts the Josh Abbott Band...

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Professor Highlight: Dr. Billy McKim

Five-star-rated assistant professor, U.S. Marine, and mentor are only a few titles Billy McKim holds. McKim has been affecting the lives of students at Texas A&M University since 2010 when he started teaching radio courses. We got to know more about this familiar face seen around the AGLS building. MW: Why did you choose A&M for graduate school? BM: So Texas, not actually A&M, and not being a native Texan, I had visited Texas several times and I knew that most Texans I had met were just as hard headed as me. So, I made it a point to...

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