Author: Laurel Butts

Miwa Matreyek’s Experiment with the Visual

It is rare to watch an artist interact with her own work, but Miwa Matreyek is coming to the Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts with this very opportunity. The artist and the animator collide against the screen—and the result is hyper-creative. Her work is presented in two parts, entitled “Myth and Infrastructure” and “This World Made Itself.” She will perform at 7 p.m. on October 11 at Rudder Forum. Matreyek is a performance artist who uses her body to cast shadows against a screen of her projected animations, playing with the disparity between movement and stillness. This...

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Movie Review: Christopher Robin

For many of us, mention of the Hundred Acre Wood evokes vivid memories of the silly, honey-loving bear in a too-short red sweater who charmed our childhood. Then we grew up, and Pooh became all but forgotten. But whatever happened to the boy who was the Winnie-the-Pooh’s dearest friend? The boy that author A.A. Milne based the stories on?  Disney’s “Christopher Robin” follows the titular character into an adulthood that ages Christopher (Ewan McGregor) out of the innocence he knew while playing with the creatures who lived in the Hundred Acre Wood. The film is quick to orient its...

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