Author: Justin Walker

Questival in College Station

It all began when you were a little kid and your parents took you to an Easter egg hunt. The thrill of finding that oval capsule with pieces of candy trapped inside overwhelmed you. That excitement elevated when you got a little older and participated in scavenger hunts with friends. You and your friends piled in cars and travelled all across the city looking for random objects in a race against the other team. Now, there is a new and exciting adventure for you and your friends to take part in, right here in College Station: Questival. The Bear...

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App Review: Little Kitten Adventures

There really is an app for everything. With the release of “Little Kitten Adventures,” users can care for a virtual cat, dressing it up for parties, mending cuts and bruises, and taking funny photos of the furry friend. There are several side games that go with the app. Users can help guide Little Kitten through various mazes, help return fallen presents to their trays, while also learning shapes, and play memory games to earn bonus items for Little Kitten. While this app is clearly a learning-and-entertainment app intended for younger audiences, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth...

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John Krajicek: A&M Professor, Local Artist

A Texas A&M University professor and local artist will be announced as the next Artist of the Month at The Village Café & Art979 Gallery on November 16. John Krajicek, an executive professor and assistant director of business communication studies at Texas A&M, is getting his second showcase at The Village. Krajicek will also be performing with his band, Leavenworth, at the opening. Krajicek’s interest in art began at a very early age. After his fascination with abstract art helped him win his elementary art show in the fourth grade, his hobby took a backseat in his life. “I...

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Brazos Bingo Gets Makeover

One of the oldest bingo halls in the Brazos Valley has received a makeover. Brazos Bingo recently updated their facilities, changing the interior, switching the smoking and non-smoking rooms and updating computers for electronic bingo stations. Jason Pohl, hall manager, said the renovations were necessary for continued growth and success. Brazos Bingo first opened in 1986 and moved to its current location in 1991, to accommodate for a growing number of patrons. Pohl believes the bingo hall has continued to grow due to its altruistic nature. “It’s charitable bingo,” Pohl said. “We give back as much as we can...

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Movie Review: Geostorm

It is ironic when a film dubbed as a “disaster film” ends up being an utter disaster. While “Geostorm” does not quite reach that level of disappointment, it fails to live up to its potential, as the Dean Devlin directed film relies too heavily on the special effects and lacks depth in many facets. After a series of natural disasters, several nations come together to create a satellite system to control climate across the globe, led by architect Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler). After being sacked for not following orders, Lawson leaves the project, only to return three years later...

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