Author: Josh Shelton

Texas A&M’s I-School Bringing New Opportunities for Student Leadership

With the launch of the School of Innovation at Texas A&M last year, the university set out to make it a lot easier for motivated students to work together on creative projects outside of their normal coursework, and often outside their own disciplines of study. The I-School, as it’s called, is connecting students from different colleges and schools across campus, as well as faculty and former students from a broad range of disciplines, all with the aim of encouraging a culture of and active hub for innovation. And every idea and project is student-led. Jennifer Briggs, Creative Manager at...

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Messina Hof Cooking Party with the Chef: Cajun vs Creole

Looking for a little spice in your kitchen? Messina Hof Winery is giving an intro to Cajun and Creole cooking on September 16 at 1 p.m. Learn about what distinguishes both, and find out which recipes are improved with a tip of the wine bottle. Even more delicious, Messina Hof Winery’s cooking parties are held every month, so you can keep coming back for more. Often misused interchangeably, the terms “Cajun” and “Creole” mean a lot more than “Louisiana style.” The Cajuns started as Acadians, migrating from Eastern Canada to Louisiana. The term “Creole” reflects a mixture of ethnicities...

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Celebrate Texas Heroes Day in La Grange

Here in Texas, our list of heroes is as long as our state is big. Lest we forget those that shaped our local area into what it is today, La Grange, Texas, is celebrating Texas Heroes Day on September 14 & 15 with a collection of events sure to make those heroes proud. The fun begins Friday, Sept. 14, at the Fayette Public Library and Heritage Museum Archives in La Grange. Greg Walker and Charlie Herbert, members of the Fayette County Historic Commission, will present “Bones of Contention: How the Monument Came to the Hill.” The talk will begin...

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Kolache Festival in Caldwell

Do you have an appetite for sweet pastries and cultural history? Check both of those off your list with a trip to “The Kolache Capital of Texas.” On Sept. 8, Caldwell is hosting the 34th annual Kolache Festival celebrating Czech heritage. Live music, a car show, quilts, and a 5K are just some of the attractions. Festivities begin on Friday, Sept. 7 with a dinner of Slovacek sausage and kraut, plus traditional music and dance. Tickets for the dinner must be purchased in advance at the Citizens State Bank in Caldwell. The main event starts at 9 a.m. with...

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New Group for Local Artists

Bryan has a new group for local artists looking to network and exhibit their work. Bryan Contemporary Artists – BCA seeks to connect energetic artists in the community. They hope to collaborate on pop-up shows every couple of months, coinciding with Third Thursday Art Steps. Like many great stories, it started over coffee at Harvest Coffee Bar. The founders, Lisa Urban and Sabrina Hegefeld, saw a need for an organization to help new artists. Artists with edgier, modern styles (particularly younger artists and transplants) might struggle to establish a presence in the thriving artistic community of Downtown Bryan. “It...

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