Author: Jaclyn Ysaquirre

From Texas to Bastogne – Texas Aggies Go To War

Many Aggies are proud of Texas A&M’s significant contributions to the United States Armed Forces, but we can sometimes lose sight of the individuals behind them. J. Wayne Stark Gallery’s newest exhibit, “From Texas to Bastogne: Texas Aggies Go To War,” in the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center, personalizes these contributions by focusing on the stories of five Aggies who served their country during World War II. Today through December 16, 2017, From Bastogne to Texas, a non-profit organization, plans to use this exhibit to advocate for Texas A&M’s core values of leadership, excellence and selfless service. The goal...

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Local Coffee Micro-roastery Tour

For many of us, it’s a warm cup of coffee in the morning that gets the gears in our head to start turning, or a mid-day refreshing iced brew that helps us survive until the end of the day. Regardless, some of us just can’t get enough of the coffee bean caffeine craze. Luckily, College Station’s very own micro-roastery, What’s the Buzz Coffee Co., loves coffee just as much as you local coffee addicts. What’s the Buzz Coffee Co. is owned and operated by Rodrigo Chavez and Elena Bermudez. The company strives for their everyday cup to be that...

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