Author: Hannah Pena

Intersections at SEAD Gallery

SEAD Gallery and Bookshop, located in Bryan, is presenting a new and exciting art show called “Intersections.” This will be the gallery’s first juried fiber arts show, featuring the best fiber arts that Texas has to offer. SEAD, an acronym standing for Science, Engineering, Art, and Design is a juried art gallery, community space, and events venue featuring regular exhibits by local, state, and international artists. For those of us unfamiliar with the work, fiber art is a medium in which the artist uses natural or synthetic fiber, as well as other components like yarn or wool, to sew...

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AVPA Presents: The Q Brothers

“O Q Brothers, Q Brothers wherefore art thou, Q Brothers?” Attention all Verona-loving, Shakespeare-adoring classics enthusiasts, the Q Brothers are here and ready to revamp your world with their fresh twist on Shakespeare’s play “The Two Gentlemen of Verona.” There’s nothing like a good Shakespeare play, to remind us all that, even in this modernized day and age, the classics never go out of style. Though they never fade, some classics can be morphed into something a little more fresh, a little more original, and a whole lot more rap-tastic. The Q Brothers have been at work for nearly...

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Lisa Urban Art

For anyone who has a love affair with the arts, Lisa Urban might just be able to capture your eye. As well as your wallet. Born and raised in Kansas, Urban completed two terms in the “Navasota Artist-In-Residence” program before she moved to Bryan, TX, where she currently lives and works. Urban’s art is a discovery and exploration of time and memory, all of which is illustrated through landscapes. Like many children, Urban was fascinated with books and animation. They were able to transport her to a different universe, one where freedom rang true and strong and the pains...

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Cody Johnson w/ Roger Creager at Wolf Pen Creek

Attention Aggieland: Get ready to put on your pearl snap shirts and twirl in your skirts, because Cody Johnson is coming back to College Station. Cody Johnson is a big deal in the country scene, and he’s back in town to kick off the school year at Wolf Pen Creek on September 17. Johnson is no stranger to the spotlight or adoring fans, having six self-released albums. His sixth album, “Gotta Be Me,” was released back in 2016 and debuted at number two on the Billboard’s Country Albums chart. Johnson’s delivery of confidence and charm leaves you wanting to...

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Hurricane Harvey Benefit Concert

No one could have predicted the mass amount of damage that would come with Hurricane Harvey. No one could have foreseen that one of the most populated cities in the U.S. would have been nearly submerged. There was nothing anyone could do, but now there is. The Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan, Texas is hosting a “Hurricane Harvey Relief Benefit Concert” on Sunday, September 17 at 7pm. The concert will feature four bands from the Bryan/College Station area, whose members all have ties to greater Houston. Performers include The Ex-optimists, an indie/noise rock band influenced by the likes of...

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