Author: Destiny Turner

Prairie Switch and Garrett Simon Band at Grand Stafford

Bands Prairie Switch and Garrett Simon Band are proof that some of the most talented individuals are straight out of Texas! Prairie Switch is a Texas country band with a folk twist from College Station, Texas. Their musical style is one that is very unique to country music, fusing country, folk, and pop together to create songs that will get your head bobbing and feet tapping along with the beat. Members of the band are Bryan Crivellari, Adam Hill, Nick Jaseck, and Koy R. Kresta. Lead singer Bryan Crivellari has a special pitch to his voice, making him sound...

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Album Review: Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free

The America we know today is greatly shifting. Some may say for the better and some may say for the worse, but it’s clear that the civil liberties of many individuals are being threatened.  On their third album, L.A. band Chicano Batman speaks to this issue facing our country to remind us “Freedom Is Free.” With every word and through the accompaniment on organ, guitar, bass, and drum, the album makes listeners literally feel the theme of freedom, and it resonates through your body. Chicano Batmans’ music is simple, yet every verse is crafted beautifully. This psychedelic soul band...

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End the Stigma – Suicide Awareness Walk

Suicide rates are spiking across the United States at an extreme rate. While there’s no single factor that leads to suicide, it does not discriminate, and none of us are immune. In spite of that fact, we’ve placed a negative stigma on the way we think and talk about it. Many people are embarrassed or feel ashamed to speak up and seek help when they are having suicidal thoughts. Texas A&M Student Counseling services is always available to assist, and toward that end, have organized Suicide Awareness Walk #EraseTheStigma. Santana Simple, Director of Suicide Prevention with Texas A&M Student...

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App Review: Headspace – Make Space in Your Mind for What Counts

When was the last time you slowed down and did absolutely nothing? Sat and stared at falling rain? Let your mind unwind and release all its tensions? Mindfulness meditation is a prehistoric practice that is known for its ability to help people alleviate stress, regulate emotions, and ease feelings of anxiety. Headspace, an app that teaches its users the practice of meditation, is combining scientific research and ancient history to help its users have a bit more mental clarity. Headspace was founded in 2010, and Andy Puddicome, co-founder of Headspace, is the “voice” of the app. This app gives...

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Wade Bowen at Hurricane Harry’s

Throw on your boots, grab your hats, and mosey on down to 313 College Ave to Hurricane Harry’s and dance the night away! Hurricane Harry’s offers guests a western experience and a night full of non-stop music on a huge dance floor. Harry’s is legendary for its live bands, country music and fun environment. This country nightclub welcomes guests 18 and up with a valid ID, and offers special two dollar drinks and three dollar shots for any responsible adult 21 and over. The doors to Harry’s typically open every Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.,...

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