Author: Abby Newton

Shiner Park?

As many may be aware, the beloved Daisy Dukes dance hall sat on the corner of University and Boyett for many years. In the last four years, the venue has gone through multiple changes in ownership, management, and branding. Many Aggies that enjoyed the original dance hall were disappointed when the venue became a revolving door of establishments. During the rebranding, the venue became a dance club, Boulevard 217, which seemed to lack the popularity of Daisy Dukes. Coming soon, in the same venue is Shiner Park. It is another brand on the same old venue, but what exactly...

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Stoney LaRue @ Hurricane Harry’s

A well-known performer in College Station, Stoney LaRue, will be returning to play at Hurricane Harry’s with opening act Statesboro Revue. Stoney LaRue is a Texas Country artist from Oklahoma, a frequent visitor to College Station. If Aggies don’t know who he is when they get here, they definitely become aware of him quickly. Many residents of College Station are a part of the “LaRue Crue,” which he refers to his most loyal fans as. His most recent album, “Us Time” was released in 2015 and pays tribute to his supporters by featuring his most loved original songs such...

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