The MSC Visual Arts Committee, a student-led organization, is hosting the annual ArtFest 2017 in the James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery. The exhibition and competition started March 1 and will run through April 8. The Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 9am to 8pm and Saturday-Sunday, noon to 6pm. This year’s top three winners were announced and awarded during the opening reception on March 2.

The MSC Visual Arts Committee was created in 1953 and has since provided students the opportunities to exhibit their works and participate in competitions. They welcome effort from students of all majors and fields in the university and allow them to display their talents on a university-wide platform. In addition to exhibitions and competitions, the Committee also hosts lectures, workshops, guest artists and other creative programs.

Students are allowed to submit works on various media and use their own ideas for a basis of their work.

“Some have used past course assignments; mostly we see artists that are inspired by family, memory, or mental wellness,” said Mary Casillas, VAC Chair.

The Committee has added a new film and animation category this year, in addition to painting, drawing, photography, digitally generated, mixed media and sculpture. A student and faculty committee judges the artworks based on originality and creativity. Last year’s exhibition displayed 24 pieces, and each demonstrated a unique style and texture.

“ArtFest is fantastic about reaching all sorts of majors and classifications on campus,” Casillas said. “We received pieces from computer science, animal science, engineering, visualization and mathematics to name a few. We usually see an even spread between freshmen and graduate/PhD students.”

Not all artists have an art or visualization background, which makes for a diverse and successful event. Every year, the jury hopes for even more unique and innovative ideas, including different textures and techniques.

“Our wonderful advisor and gallery executives worked hard to get all of the pieces displayed; it is quite a sight!” Casillas said. “Come see the diversity, creativity and talent our campus holds.”

Visit the second floor of the MSC to experience art of assorted styles and unique textures, created by fellow Aggies. Admission is free and parking is available in Koldus/University Center and Cain Garages.