Cost: Free

Everyone knows the frustration that follows dropping your phone in water or cracking the screen on concrete. What’s even more frustrating is trying to find a trusted repair shop close to home.

Thankfully, app designer Chase Hanson has created Sour Apple Repair for iPhone and Android that allows users to schedule repairs for phones and other electronic devices. This free app provides a free diagnostic for the device and schedules in-store repairs and pick-up and delivery based on user’s location. You can ship your device to store for repair and a loyalty program allows users to redeem phone cases and repair discounts.

This user-friendly app is ideal for consumers of all ages and a wide variety of electronic devices. It makes contacting a friendly representative or repairman simple and quick. Furthermore, according to online reviews, repairs don’t break the bank and leave customers satisfied with the services.

The Sour Apple Repair shop is located on Texas Ave in College Station.