Do you have low quality photos and no way to fix them? Are you tired of not being able to post pictures because the lighting was off or the picture was not as clear as you wanted? If this is the case, check out Snapseed! A photo-editing app created by Google, Snapseed is the app you need to edit the highest quality photos.

Snapseed includes tools to alter the quality of the photo and filters to alter the color. Although the filters could be considered one of the app’s weaknesses, the tools make up for this downside. It is equipped with the basic tools such as crop, rotate, and text. But what makes this photo- editing app stand out from the countless other apps like it is the “tune image” tool, which is used to adjust the brightness, and the “details” tool which is used to edit the structure, or clarity. The “brush” tool is also extremely helpful when wanting to whiten or add more saturation to a specific part of the photo. Overall, Snapseed is a great app for editing and producing high quality photos.