We all live busy lives, and it is often difficult to find enough time to keep informed about world news. There are so many ways to consume news, but Flipboard is a great way to read the news quickly and conveniently.


When you download Flipboard, you will see a variety of topics. You are able to choose which topics you are most interested in and want to “follow” in order to create a custom news magazine. The app provides a list of articles to flip through based on your interests that you can tap on to read or save to read later. Although you may not have time to read them right away, being able to save articles to read later allows your news consumption to be more convenient and efficient. Anyone who is interested in a new and better way to read the most current news should download this app ASAP.

This election year is the perfect time to find the best way to stay informed. Join the 70 million active users on Flipboard to see why it is so many people’s favorite news app on both