Music is embedded into our lives, and you’re probably listening to music right now as you read this. Are you streaming it through Spotify? Maybe you should be.

Spotify is a music streaming service that launched 10 years ago in the fall of 2008. There are many music streaming apps out there, so let’s get into the nitty gritty—just exactly what does Spotify offer?

To begin, there are two options with Spotify, free and premium. Both are great, but premium offers much more freedom. With a free account, you’re able to create personal playlists and shuffle play, but it comes with ads, needs wifi and has a few other restrictions.

On the other hand, Spotify Premium is ad-free, allows offline streaming, shared playlists, unlimited skips, and high quality audio as well as the free features. A couple of Spotify’s big attractions are the browse feature and discover weekly playlist.

The browse feature allows you to discover new music by sifting through hundreds of playlists at your fingertips. Within the browse tab, there is a mood section where you’re able to pick songs based on your mood, and seriously, it’s pretty spot on.

The discover weekly playlist is a personalized playlist created by Spotify just for you. It is based off the music you’ve been listening to recently and is filled with artists and albums you may or may not recognize. It’s a great way to find new music, and Spotify does the searching for you.

Spotify’s premium version is $9.99/month, $4.99/month for students and $14.99/month for a family plan of up to 6 accounts.