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Football is about to be in full swing. Between the high school and college seasons kicking off at the end of August to the pros starting the following week, the anticipation for touchdown celebrations and big hits is all too real.

Keeping up with everything happening across the country can be difficult, especially as other commitments get in the way of staying glued to the television set. That’s where smart phones come in with those handy-dandy apps.

A newly released app, “The Sports Wire,” promises to keep you connected to sports, including football, basketball, golf and even fantasy sports. By connecting users to their favorite USA Today Sports Media Group, they can stay up to date with news, predictions, photos, commentary and more.

As nifty as this app sounds, it doesn’t exactly live up to the hype. First of all, while every NFL team is covered, the other professional leagues are spotty, if they are even featured on the app. There is a basic college football “wire,” but only six collegiate teams have their own page, and the only conference to be covered is the Mountain West.

“The Sports Wire” sounds interesting, but it doesn’t add anything new to the already existing sports media apps featured, and its coverage is much less adequate. My take? Stick with ESPN or CBS Sports. They’ve brought you this far, they can get you through another season.