Texas A&M displays various art forms throughout the year in different parts of campus, and encourages a more educational and colorful perspective. And this time, students can feel home away from home with the Anonymous Women exhibit by artist and photographer Patty Carroll.

The exhibit will be displayed from January 24 to March 16 in the Wright Gallery, located in the College of Architecture’s Langford Architecture Center. The theme of the exhibit is to see home with an artistic and tranquil perspective. Additionally, it is to denounce, satirize, and analyze the perception of a woman’s place only in the kitchen. To see through that woman’s lens will unveil a unique outlook that debunks the old-time myth.

Much of the art is based on the photographer’s experiences in life, and lessons learned. Patty Carroll has been teaching photography since 1972, and is a certified instructor in Photoshop. She has held various exhibits worldwide, including Beijing and London, each with a greater message than just the images on display. This particular project is inspired by her experiences growing up in a suburb of Chicago.

On her website, she breaks down the Anonymous Women collection into five categories: “Demise,” “Reconstructed,” “Draped,” “Heads,” and “Videos,” and each depicts different ways in which females are perceived in the household.

Furthermore, she strives to display how women see themselves in assorted situations and settings. The College of Architecture exhibits the photos in three series, each of which features three types of females in their homes that are meant to provoke three kinds of emotions for the viewer. Carroll represents women through a literal lens, like creating the figure of a female with household objects and kitchen objects. Using this method, she illustrates a home as a place of solace and calls the idea of a woman’s place in the kitchen as “claustrophobic perfection.”

Carroll’s work will be displayed through March 16 on the second floor of the Langford Architecture Building. Visit an exhibit that changes your view of a household and a female’s role within it.