As the New Year gets into gear, people start looking for fresh beats to rock to, and new music starts taking the racks. Four-member rock band Starset came out with its second studio album, “Vessels,” on January 20.

The group originated in Columbus, Ohio, in 2013 and released its debut album, “Transmissions,” in 2014. They soon began to attract attention from alternative metal and rock listeners; and their latest album is targeted toward pop fans, as well. compares “Vessels” to the sci-fi genre, as the songs are based on technical sound effects.

The 15-piece album can be compared to the stylings of nu metal band Skillet and alternative rock group Thirty Seconds to Mars. The contemporary tunes certainly reflect a futuristic message from space with a pop twist, including words like “satellite,” “gravity,” and “orbit.” So look at 2017 with futuristic ears and give a listen to “Vessels.” Starset will surely transport you to the stars.