We’re all familiar with the deep thoughts that wander through our minds, so why do we keep them wrapped up inside? Cory Asbury has crafted a masterpiece of melodies and lyrics in his new album “Reckless Love,” full of unspeakable truths now exposed for the world to hear.

When listening to this Christian worship album, its simple truths move the listener. Each song is a story, magnificently intimate while also sustaining the ability to reach the audience on a general level. Some songs are soft and sweet like the taste of honey, while others are empowering and courageous, compelling action.

Released earlier this year, “Reckless Love” is his second solo studio album during his partnership with Bethel Music. The single by the same name was released the previous November and topped the charts quickly, landing the number one spot for months.

The album embodies Asbury’s journey from boyhood to manhood. In his deft hands, listeners are able to mold the lyrics to their own experiences and attach new meanings, often ending up with  intriguing conclusions. We’re looking forward to more of Asbury’s thought-provoking collections in the future.