The third album released by the xx, “I See You” is a beautiful and breathtaking combination of talents that remains true to the xx’s roots while providing the listener with richer sound and emotional lyrics. Madley Croft and Sim’s vocals are the highlight of this album. They use their clever and resourceful nature to engage listeners in a way that is unmatched by other vocalists. Songs such as “Performance” and “Brave For You” are compared to classic xx songs from their debut album, staying true to their indie sound. Another highly applauded factor in this album is the lyrics which are fresh and simple but also show strength. The amount of emotion that goes into these lyrics pushes the vocalists toward their most vulnerable and emotional side. The album’s closing song “Test Me” is the perfect example. The song uses simple phrasing to show a hidden strength that has been hiding right underneath the surface, and finding that strength is what beautifully closes the album.

Overall, “I See You” is brilliant, emotional, pure, and in our opinion, a perfect album release to start off 2017.