Raw vocals and painfully honest lyrics set Camp Cope above the rest. This all female rock trio has been around since 2015, and their second studio album “How to Socialise & Make Friends” is real and empowering. Camp Cope is a representative of the original #MeToo movement, and it has been speculated that this album could empower and inspire women to tell their stories, no matter the context or magnitude.

“How to Socialise & Make Friends” explores themes of loss, heartbreak, equality, sexual assault and personal discovery. The opening track, actually called “The Opener,” is about the injustices that lead singer Georgia “Maq” McDonald feels women experience each day, both in male-dominated fields and in relationships. McDonald is always real, but this track is full of real-life experiences that are bound to hit home with many women.

The third track, “The Face of God,” is a powerful song about the lonely aftermath of sexual assault. The victim struggles with believing what happened was her fault and that the man who assaulted her “didn’t seem like that kind of guy.” It’s a heart-wrenching story that is all too real to male and female victims all over the world.

Every song on this album packs an emotional punch without over-dramatizing serious issues. Camp Cope is an exception to all the mindless lyrical content being released in this day and age. With one of the most unique voices in the scene, this is an unforgettable album for the band and for listeners.