Aggieland War Games in Bryan is home to tactical laser tag played inside a large arena, which is unlike anything else in the Brazos Valley. They host open play times as well as group events and parties for people who want to take their laser tag to the next level.

Tactical laser tag has been compared to first-person video games such as Call of Duty. When playing, teams are given missions, and the goal is to accomplish said missions while also preventing the other team from accomplishing theirs. During one hour of play, a group will be assigned 6 to 8 individual missions to complete, which are assigned to groups based on size and capability.

The arena is completely indoors and air-conditioned, styled to look like a post-apocalyptic industrial cityscape. Players must be at least nine years of age and be wearing close-toed shoes to participate. It is encouraged that participants wear loose fitting, cool athletic clothing as this is a very active game and players will want to be comfortable.



Aggieland War Games offers open play times over the weekend: Friday from 5pm-10pm, Saturday from 11am-10pm, and Sunday from 12pm-6pm. Prices for open play increase based on how long participants want to play; $8.99 for 30 minutes, $16.99 for an hour, $22.99 for 90 minutes and $27.99 for two hours. Students get a 10% discount on their ticket with valid student ID presented at time of purchase.

Players will enter the arena at either half past or on the hour. There is a 10 minute safety briefing that must occur before entering the arena, so participants should show up 20 minutes before they want to play to maximize the experience.

It is suggested that groups call the arena ahead of time at 979-571-4321 or follow them on Twitter @AggielandWG to make sure that there is not a private event that has taken over open play hours.

Aggieland War Games can be rented out for group events and parties for some friendly competition between friends, coworkers, or teams. Test your tactical skills and create new memories at Aggieland War Games.