First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate how many great places we can find a good cup of joe in Bryan/ College Station. With finals on their way and end of semester projects in sight, it is time we all stake claim on our study environment. This week we wanted to focus on three different coffee bars that can be found in very different locations with contrasting vibes.


Let’s talk Sweet Eugene’s. This coffee shop has probably been around for your entire college career. What we love about Sweets is that it is up early when we need a morning cram session – 6am on most days – and when we are in the early hours of an all-nighter they are still open until 1am. Sweet Eugene’s is a great place to work on a group project or write a paper because there is a variety of seating options to accompany the free Wi-Fi. Although schoolwork is a priority, it’s nice to come here without an assignment in hand. They offer a fantastic playlist and A+ people watching. If you already know that you are camping out and need a burst of energy, go ahead and order the Eye Opener – and that title does not lie, it really works. We also made our way into the Specialty Espresso Drink menu where there are options like a Red Velvet Latte and our favorite Mint Cookies and Cream. Thankfully Sweets also has a large menu, you know, just in case you are spending three meals per day with them. You can find pastries, sandwiches, and wraps – but do not miss out on the crepes! Sweet Eugene’s is your loyal friend that will get you through almost any project you need, but don’t forget that you aren’t the only one who knows that. Sometimes it can get pretty packed and you have to take your coffee to go, but they have you covered with the convenient drive thru!


It is hard to think of a time when Harvest Coffee Bar wasn’t our favorite cup of coffee in town. Located in Downtown Bryan, it is sometimes considered “out of the way,” but we have found it to be completely worth the drive. This place has a completely different vibe from any other coffee shops in town because of how open it feels. Harvest is very roomy, but does not offer as much seating which is a great thing since we didn’t want to feel crowded while we studied. The staff is very consistent so you always see a friendly face and the chalkboard menu is just what we needed. We went with the self-titled Harvest Latte, ordered cold –delicious! It kind of looked like a milkshake with its large glass and bright red straw. We had heard nothing but good things about the Candlelight Latte, which we ordered hot and came complete with coffee painting. We were sold! Harvest is an ideal place for coffee date or when you’re in search of some relaxed quiet time. They do have a small menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but it won’t probably keep you going for an all-day study session. Their new fall flavors were just announced which is a perfect excuse to swing by!


Minuti Coffee is the chain that was brought to the North Point Crossing shopping center. You have probably seen a few people swerving a little to catch a glimpse inside. At first we were unsure of the parking situation, but don’t worry, it is a lot easier than it looks. There is parallel retail parking located at the entrance of North Point and there are retail spots offered inside of the garage. Open at 6am, they are also available to the early birds stopping for coffee before class and stay open until 11pm for the night owls. This Italian coffee shop is completely different from Harvest and Sweets because their dessert game goes a lot further. They have gelato, which is served all day in mouth-watering flavors. We went for mango and then cookie butter – save room for both if you can. Although it does not offer the home-like environment that we had hoped for, it does have a lot of seating and it’s right across the street from campus. The baristas recommended the Godfather and said t was sure to keep us going for the morning. We also tried a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which strays from the tradition with a little Italian sweet. You aren’t sure if you will fall in love with first, the smooth Italian music playing or the cannolis! Keep an eye on this place; it may become a hot spot soon.